Play To Win In Online Blackjack NZ Games

The online Blackjack NZ makes available is an Internet-friendly version of one of the most popular, well-known casino card games in history. It developed back in the 1700s, most likely in France, and soon spread all over the world, evolving into the many variations that can be enjoyed these days.

Blackjack has very simple rules, and the advantage that knowledge of basic strategy gives players means everyone can enjoy it, whether they’re amateur gamblers or those with a lot of experience. The range of different versions and betting sizes further makes it accessible to a diverse span of players, ensuring its status as one of the best online casino games around.

How to Play 21

The online Blackjack NZ gives players the chance to have fun with presents plenty of action, and your objective is to create a hand worth 21 points, or as close you can to it without exceeding that number. You’ll need to beat the dealer’s hand as well.

Your first step will be to make a bet, after which 2 cards will be dealt you and the dealer, with both yours being viewable but just 1 of the dealer’s facing up. You’ll then be able to make a number of moves, depending on which version of online Blackjack NZ you’ve elected to play. The quick pace and big wins mean it’s a nice option for when you’ve had your fill of pokies but don’t have a huge amount of time to spend playing, and the simple rules further recommend it.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic Strategy for online Blackjack NZ games is the mathematically correct way to play, and you can cut the casino’s edge down to just 0.5% once you’re familiar with it! There are charts detailing it available free online, and these will tell you exactly when to Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split, or Surrender. 

Basic Strategy has an order of operations, and the first action open to you when using it will see you deciding if you should Surrender if it’s an option. You can only do this on the first 2 cards being dealt, and it has to be the first thing you do. If you decide not to, you move on to the 2nd consideration, which is should you Split?

This move is only open to you if you’ve received a Pair, or if you both your cards are worth 10 points, like a Jack and a King, for example. If you decide not to Split, you next consider the value of Doubling.

Review the chart and see which hands Doubling is recommended for, and if your 2 cards don’t fall into the group for which it’s advised then your final strategy decision will be whether to Hit, get another card, or Stand, refuse to take any more.

What makes this one of the best online casino games around is that it combines a wonderful measure of simplicity with the opportunity to really take your playing to the next level by applying an easy-to-learn strategy that really boosts your chances of taking the pot!

Online Variations

The online Blackjack NZ presents comes in a variety of different flavours, with each version having a slightly different set of rules and a small variation in odds. But, like pokies games, if you know the rules of one type it won’t take you very long to get a handle on another, and you’ll be able to explore all your options with ease!

The number of decks used in each variation may vary from 1 to 8, but, since these are shuffled before every round of play, this doesn’t make much of a difference to your play. Popular takes on this classic title include Double Exposure and Double Attack Blackjack, Vegas Strip, and Blackjack Switch and there are single and multi hand games, and those where you can play for a progressive jackpot too.