An Introduction to Online Roulette

You’ll love the online Roulette games at the sites that we recommend. Crisp graphics and animations, along with certified Random Number Generation, make the action of the virtual games come to life. Live dealer tables are also available, and will make you feel like you are sitting in a glamourous land-based casino.

Playing Basics

When enjoying the game at an online casino NZ players will find the same rules and structure as when gaming on land. A wheel, divided into segments, is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it. You’ll need to place bets on which segment the ball will finish up in when the wheel comes to rest.

There are black and red panels on the wheel, numbered 1 to 36, and a green one labelled 0. When the game was brought to America by European settlers, another green segment numbered 00 was added, to increase the house edge. This is still seen in the American variation, which features 38 sections on the wheel instead of the 37 that are found in European and French wheels.

Online Roulette Bets

The wagering table is divided into an inner and outer track. You’ll place your bet by putting your chip on the appropriate area. According to where they are located on the table, punts are known as inside or Outside Bets.

Outside Bets

The odds of these bets are almost 50-50, and they pay out even money. Since they are so simple and have a good chance of winning, it is usually recommended that beginners start with these. Like the Outside options in online Roulette pokies are very simple – although the chances of winning an Outside Bet are much greater!

The three possibilities are Odd/Even, High/Low and Red/Black Bets. Respectively, these require you to predict whether the ball will land in a panel that has an odd or even number, is numbered from 19 to 36 or 1 to 18, or is coloured red or black.

Roulette, pokies and most other casino games are very strongly based on chance, but with Outside Bets it is possible to implement a wagering strategy. There are a few different options here, but they all involve increasing your stake when you lose, and decreasing it when you win. Although this can feel counter-intuitive, it means that when you win after a streak of losses, you’ll make everything back and get a small profit. As long as you have enough time and money, and the casino allows it, this s a sure way to play online Roulette profitably.

Inside Bets

Roulette, pokies and other games can win you huge payouts. As a general rule, at either a land-based or an online casino NZ players will notice that the more specific the wagers are, the higher the odds and the higher the rewards.

The inside track of the betting table is a grid made up of 3 columns and 12 rows, creating 36 squares containing a number. Each of the black and red segments on the wheel is represented by one of these squares.

You indicate what your bet is by where your chip is placed on the grid. For instance, in a Straight that predicts the exact number of the panel where the ball lands, you put your chip in the centre of the square. On the other hand, in a Street Bet, where you bet on all 3 of the numbers in one of the rows, you put your chip on the end of the row.

There are many other inside bets to discover, including predictions on different ranges of numbers. Since there is so much more to punting on online Roulette, pokies are much simpler to spin. However, both have their own charm, and you’ll find exceptional versions at the sites we review for you here.