Classic vs. Video Pokies

Playing pokies is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s favourite pastimes, and for good reason! The selection of both Video and Classic games at the online casinos we recommend is almost endless, and new titles are regularly introduced, so you will never run out of entertainment - or the chance to win big!

When it comes to the most popular pokies in New Zealand, video pokies trump the Classics. This is the worldwide trend too; both types are widely played, but the more sophisticated, action packed versions are definitely the first choice of players everywhere. Let’s find out why.

A More Engaging Option

The themes in video pokies are where developers really get to shine. Although the graphics are high-definition and crisp, the worlds that are created don’t have to be realistic. Gameplay can be based on anything, from blockbuster franchises to original content focusing on mythology, adventure, fairy tales or anything else.

The reel icons, setting, sound effects and special features usually all tie in with the central idea, and these games boats Wilds, Scatters and other bonuses that boost your winning potential. Classic releases do have themes, but they are much more limited and the graphics tend to focus more on those found in traditional machines, and are typically bells, bars, cherries and other fruit icons.

Old School Entertainment

With fewer reels, paylines and special features, Classic pokies are a simpler, more straightforward option. You are unlikely to be able to trigger Bonus Rounds (requiring you to complete tasks to win more prizes) and Free Spins as you can with the video counterparts, or to be able to take advantage of Wild Symbols and other enhancements.

Animated characters and film clips, for instance, are often used to help bring the video action to life. You’re unlikely to find these, or music that evokes the theme and atmosphere, on any Classic titles. Authentic sound effects inspired by land-based machines are much more likely as these titles are based on the original 3 reel machines of days gone by.

The betting ranges for these old school titles are also usually smaller, although both types pay out handsomely, with similar theoretical Return to Player percentages. Progressive jackpots can also be attached to either kind of game, and the payouts can grow to life-changing amounts equally quickly.

Fun For Everyone

The most popular pokies in New Zealand and the rest of the world are the video varieties, but that is not to say that Classic pokies are not favourites in their own right. The games are very different, and it depends what you want when you are playing online.

If you are a new player, or you feel like slowing down your gaming for a while, Classics are probably the best option for you. The simplified action can help you learn how to play, and spinning the simplified reels can actually be really relaxing.

On the other hand, if you want to completely lose yourself in the immersive action of whatever you are playing, we suggest you try some of the video releases at the sites we recommend. Often, this can be done for free so that you can find the games that you enjoy the most before you wager any money of your own. You will soon see that both types should be part of your online casino experiences.

Let Us Help You Spin

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