How Online Pokies Wagering Works

Online pokies wagering is your key to getting those reels spinning for chances to win huge payouts and mammoth jackpots. There are different wager options available in New Zealand’s best games, and while this is exciting for experienced players, it can confuse beginners. is here to explain how it works, so you know exactly what to expect and what to do the next time you are faced with an array of bet settings on a game’s interface. There are several things you need to consider when you decide how much to put on the reels, including the type of game you are playing. Let’s find out more.

Common Wagering Settings

The most common online pokies wagering settings you can find on the interfaces of the various titles we review include the coin value, bet level, and number of paylines. In some games, you might not be able to change the level, or the number of lines may be fixed.

The coin value is the denominational amount each coin you play is worth. For example, a title may have a range of amounts between 0.01 and 10.00. The bet level usually indicates the number of coins wagered on each active payline. For example, you might have the option of putting between 1 and 10 coins on each line. Paylines are lines that cross all the reels in various directions. Like symbols need to line up in order from left to right on those lines to form combinations that win. For example, a title with 10 lines will give you the option of activating between 1 and all 10 of them.

Bet Levels and Symbol Value

When many players in New Zealand think about pokies payouts, they know that the number of symbols that form the winning combination is what largely determines how much they win. However, there is more to it, especially if a title has adjustable bet levels.

The bet level determines the value of the individual symbols on the paytable. For example, if you spin the reels with 1 coin per line, a particular symbol will pay out 100 coins when 3 form a win. However, if you play the game at 3 coins per line, the same winning combination will pay out 300 coins.

Remember The Role of Volatility

Volatility is another factor you need to take into account when deciding how you want to stake when playing your favourite pokies on computer or mobile. Volatility indicates how you can theoretically expect a game to behave when playing it.

Low-volatility titles are those that payout smaller winnings frequently. High-volatility games, on the other hand, pay out large coin wins infrequently. If you want to enjoy a longer, leisurely gaming session, be conservative with online casino pokies wagering on titles that have a high RTP. If you are looking for the nail-biting thrills and suspense of trying to win big, place bigger wagers on titles with a low RTP, which indicates how much of every $100.00 you bet will be returned to you over time.

Advice For Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Pay careful attention to the bet settings when playing progressive jackpot games. Many titles have higher minimum stakes, so you may need to keep an eye on your bankroll.

It is important also to remember that, when playing many of the titles, you will be eligible to win only if you place the maximum stake when spinning the reels. Now that you know the essentials of online pokies wagering, use the reviews right here to find the ultimate titles available to players in New Zealand.