Top 10 Platforms for Online Casino Pokies

For New Zealand gambling enthusiasts online casino pokies offer entertainment galore, loads of fun and the opportunity to win big. It is no wonder then that they make up the majority of the games in the Internet gambling industry.

For anyone just getting started, there are plenty of ways to play online, and to give you an idea as to what your many options are, we have rounded up the top 10 platforms on which to get those reels spinning!

No 10 – Apple Watch

Smartwatches have come a long way since they were first introduced a few years back. The Apple Watch is a good example of how powerful software can be squeezed into a small and stylish device. It is possible to play pokies on your Apple Watch through a specially designed app. The main issue is that the app is not available everywhere, and the screen size can be a hindrance.

No 9 – Samsung Smartwatch

In direct competition with Apple, Samsung have come out with a stylish range of smartwatches powered by Android software. Again, there is a specific casino or game app that you can download and install on your device allowing you to play real money online casino pokies at home or on the go.

No 8 – iPhone

The iPhone is a masterpiece of design, craftsmanship and mobile software. Used for everything from making calls to surfing the Internet, linking apps and even watching movies, the device is perfect for mobile casino pokies. There are plenty of iPhone casino apps available and you play in your web browser if you don’t want to download any software.

No 7 – Android Phone

Just about every smartphone that isn’t an iPhone runs on Android software. From Samsung to Nokia, Huawei to Motorola, they all operate with Android, making gaming even easier. If you are keen to play the latest pokies, simply download an app that you like the look of, or play Android optimised titles in your web browser.

No 6 – iPad

Like the iPhone, the iPad is hugely useful device that packs all the power of a phone with a much larger screen. For online casino pokies, this means enhanced graphics, easier on-screen controls and much more fun, whether you are at home or on the go. The iPad is a great accessory for mobile gamblers.

No 5 – Android Tablet

Android tablets come in all shapes and sizes. There is no standard, and the specs depend largely on the manufacturer, with Samsung usually offering the top of the range devices. Like the iPad, Android tablets are a great option, and you can download apps or play online using your mobile web browser.

No 4 – Mac Download

In the old days it was nearly impossible to play pokies on your Mac computer. Since the software had to be downloaded, most of the games were designed for Windows. Today, there are plenty of Mac software downloads available, although players tend to use instant-play sites.

No 3 – Windows Desktop Download

Unlike Mac computers, Windows-based desktop downloads are far more common with all top-rated sites offering download and instant-play access. The benefits of downloading the full casino software include having instant access to the entire gaming library, sharper graphics and enhanced features.

No 2- Mac Web Browser

As mentioned above, most Mac users simply go with instant-play gambling. Thanks to improved HTML5 technology, playing in Safari (or other Mac browser) is just as exciting and immersive as a fully downloaded game. Most sites are converting to instant play, giving you the freedom to play online casino pokies without worrying about installing software.

No 1 – Windows Desktop Web Browser

The great thing about instant-play sites and HTML5 is that the games are cross compatible. The same instant-play site can be accessed from your mobile device, Mac computer or Windows desktop web browser. Since the majority of offices, libraries, airports and homes use Windows, you can access your favourite games just about everywhere you go, and they are also fully compatible with Windows Mobile devices too.