Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ

When you’re ready for an awesome experience at the casino, then you’re ready for the Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ site. This is an awesome play to enjoy NZ online casino gaming and to have a great time when you play. Learn about all of the ways that you’ll love playing here and enjoying everything that the online casino New Zealand site has to offer.

Enjoy your time in New Zealand more, whether you're traveling or you live there, knowing that you can always draw on the casino for the fun that you want to have. And if you love pokies, then you'll love being part of this site for all of the enjoyment they can offer.

Prime Slots

Game Types

First of all, you’ll want to know about the pokies NZ choices and the other game choices that you have. You can play classic slots like the three reel slots games and other simple games. There are video slots here which includes a lot of reels like 5, 7 and even 9 reels. There are many paylines here as well and awesome features like wilds and scatter symbols.

There are progressive slots as well that certainly make everyone stand up and pay attention. With the Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ site, players can watch as the pot grows and as they have a chance to be part of all of the fun. In order to win the jackpot, you then have to hit a specific combination of symbols and get ready for the big surprise! There are also some 3-D slots here which create awesome adventures for everyone playing.

Other Features

With the NZ online casino, you can enjoy the no download feature. You can play without downloading anything and without having to put anything on your computer. You can login to the site and play with the computer, with a tablet or with a mobile and enjoy quickly.

Great Ways to Play

There are so many ways to enjoy the online casino New Zealand site and many benefits to doing so. You can play in demo mode if you want to get a feel for the games without committing to playing for real money. You can also play for real money and have the chance to bring home some real money, and that always raising the level of excitement as you play and the energy with which you engage.


Keep in mind as you enjoy the Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ that you can also play on the go. If you want to play from your mobile device, you can do so with ease. You’ll have the same gaming experience with the mobile site as with the NZ online casino and the same awesome level of graphics and game playing. They are always putting more titles onto the mobile site and this really adds to the fun as you play.

Safety with the Pokies NZ Site

And you’ll always know that your safety is assured as you play at the Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ. They are licensed and reputable and ready to help you to feel comfortable as you play. You can read about their security measures at the site and become familiar with how they ensure that you’ll always be satisfied. Should you need something at any time, you can also always call the customer service team and they will assist you with any needs you have.

There is something fun here for absolutely any and all players. With the online casino New Zealand site - Prime Slots Pokies Casino NZ - you’ll never be bored again!