Want to Win a Race? Visit Riccarton Park

No matter whether you are a pokies NZ person or a land based casinos one. As long as you find interest in enjoying all the best races, see the most apt groups win, host your important events in a worthy place, and simply have a good time, the Riccarton Park Land-based Casino NZ is definitely the right place for you! Check it out today, book your tickets to the next race, and host your next conference or special event here! You will thank yourself for doing so!

Promotions – Come and Enjoy all the Best Events

Are you looking for some of the most exciting promotions which will make your days and nights exciting and fun? Riccarton Park offers many great promotions and events every once in a while, and it is only up to you to decide which of them interest you most, and come!

Here are some of the promos that will take place pretty soon, and all that is left for you is to choose one!

New Zleanand Cup and Show Week

Are you looking fot a special and fun racing week, in which you will be thrilled and excited over and over again? During this week, you will be able to enjoy the best of the Christchurch and the Canterbury, nine group and listed races which dominate the thirty races held over this meeting.

The event will take place during November 5, 2016 until November 12, 2016. Then, Riccarton Park Land-based Casino NZ becomes the center of the best racing events, and you can see some of the most popular races in the country!

If you decide to enjoy this unique experience, you will find a few great packages, available for you at the Christchurch website. You can also mail the Riccarton Park staff in order to receive additional relevant information.

New Zleanand Cup Meeting

You can enjoy all the best meetings that will occur in a period of a week, between November 5, 2016 and November 12, 2016. Check out the website in order to see all the relevant groups and their days. Hospitality information is also provided in the web-page.

Fashion in the Field – November Event

Think you have a sense of style? Believe you can win this year? If so, you are invited to join many stylists like you, at November 12, 2016. Women in the past have won the following prizes: World Travelers / Millennium Hotels and Resort Fashion in the Field, Youngs High Fashion Award, Park Avenue Fashions Style Award, Cletine Beauty Young Designer, Clairns Accessories Award and more…

Of course, these are not all of the events available for you in the upcoming few weeks. If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming events, please visit the website and see all the additional posts.

Have all Your Most Special Events In Here!

Your wedding day is coming? Are you interested in having a special conference in a fine hall? No matter what your objective is, be sure you will be able to make the most out of your special day if you use the services of Riccarton Park Land-based Casino NZ. There is no doubt NZ casino events held over here are always unique and unforgettable for the organizers as well as for those invited.

Weddings, It's Your Special Day. Enjoy It.

Wish to celebrate your most special day in one of the best land based casinos in NZ? Riccarton Park will take care of anything important for you, so you will only have to come and enjoy your own party!

Host Your Conference Here

Catering for 10 to 400 people is offered to you in here, and if you wish enjoying a much larger conference, be sure you can have it as well, in the modern Club Stand. 17 rooms spreading over three levels, with WiFi available will make your event the best one you had so far! The areas are so large, that 1,000 cars can park there, so your guests will definitely be able to stay for a while, and enjoy best comfort right away.

Navigate the website in order to find all the menus offered, see the list of prices, and read all the relevant conference venues info. A different church than what you got used to will offer you beautiful parkland settings, experienced team of wedding co-ordinators, a wide selection of indoor venues and outdoors areas, and so much more, in order to let you enjoy a perfect wedding day.

Wedding menus, rates and venues info is available on the website. Check it out quickly, and book in advance, to guarantee yourself the date you prefer most!

Function Venues

Have you seen the function venues already? Catering for 40 to 400 is offered there, and the staff offers the guests to enjoy many great menu, which range from intimate cocktail functions to extensive lunch and dinner buffets, plated meals and suppers. Rates, menus and additional relevant information can be found on the website.

School Ball. Because These Halls Fit Everyone

This venue can be the perfect place for your school ball, due to the simple pricing and the convenient locations. A safe and professional event is guaranteed. Both school ball and the 21st celebration can take place there. Check the website out in order to receive the full details about each such event.

How to Get Here? And Who Can I Contact If I Need Some Help?

This place is located at 165 Racecourse Rd, Broomfield, Christchurch 8042. if you are looking for help, be sure you can reach out for the chief executive, racecourse manager, sponsorship & marketing manager, racing manager, and many other relevant people who will be glad to give you service at any time.

The email addressed and the phone numbers of those listed above, and of many others are posted on the website, so navigate there to find the specific person that you need and the ways to reach him out.

Moreover, if you want the staff to get back to you, with a ready answer for you questions, simply navigate the Contact Us page, and leave a massage there, with your contacting details. Someone will contact you soon.

Are you still here? Come over already!