Te Rapa Racecourse Land-based Casino

If you want a one of a kind experience, something special and unique you have never had before, a different type of casino which will let you enjoy something a bit different than the pokies NZ you got so used to in recent years, you definitely need to check the Te Rapa Racecourse Land-based Casino NZ!

Some of the most exciting events are taking place in here every once in a while, and you better stay informed with everything relevant to you, so you will never miss anything important!

These are all the things you should know if you want to come, enjoy, stay for a while, and simply make the most out of this period of time…

Enjoy the Best Casino Evens

Here are some of the upcoming events you probably do not want to miss, and anything relevant you have to know, so you will have a great time when coming.

SKYCITY Hamilton Waikato Cup

December 10, 2016. This is the date you should remember. At this day, you will be able to enjoy one of the best events of the year, which will include the followings: multiple live entertainment and performances, food and public bars, free kids entertainment, and so much more! Now you have the chance to gather all your friends for a spectacular Christmas party no one will forget anytime soon!

Admission to the Event: as long as you sign up in the early bird registration, you can enjoy signing up for $15 only (should be purchased before midnight of November 30, 2016). If you miss the early bird registration, you can still register for $20 only. Tickets can be purchased via the Te Rapa Racecourse Land-based Casino NZ website.

Racebooks: if you want to enjoy the additional benefits this great event has to offer you, as an access to the bet and collect facilities, many purchased sites located together, a public bar and food vendors, and so on, you better purchase a site in the Southern Lawn Gazebo Sites. It only takes $300 per front row site, and $200 per rear row sites.

Save Yourself an Umbrella: want a place for yourself, your friends and family? An umbrella that suits for eight people can be acquired for $80 only. This enables you to enjoy a spot in the Lodge Garden Bar, and a package that includes course admission, race book + pen, access to the bet & collect facilities, festive lunch and cash bar.

The Mezzanine: for $160 only, you can enjoy a special retro experience, like no other. This includes a location indoors, grandstand access, race book + pen, course entry, buffet Christmas lunch, access to bet, views across the track, standard beverage package, and collect facilities.

Te Rapa Christmas at the Races

Saturday, December 17, 2016. If you are after a relaxed event, in which you can chill a bit, this event is just for you! Enjoy great food, fine company, and an exciting thoroughbred action. All the packages offered to you have TAB facilities in close proximity, so you will never have to walk too far. Here are some of the packages you can use and enjoy:

Christmas on the Terraces - $145

3 course Christmas buffet luncheon which include starter platter, lunch, dessert, and a great afternoon tea, beverage package which includes Witherhills wines, bubbles, standard, premium and low alcohol beer as well as non alcoholic beverage, course admission, race book + pen, reserved seating in tables of 10 (in case you book less than 10 people, you will sit in a shared table), and dedicated bet & collect facilities + TV viewing.

Moreover, you will be able to purchase multiple tables with guaranteed placement next to one another.

Christmas on the Mezzanine - $145

On the one hand, giving you the option to step back in time, and enjoy nostalgic atmosphere. On the other hand, still enjoying all the modern benefits no one wants to give up on. These include:

Elevated indoor Christmas themed hospitality area, amazing views across the track, and an access to the outdoor grandstand seating, course admission, a beverage package which includes great wines, bubbles, standard + premium + low alcohol beer as well as non alcoholic beverage, race book + pen, dedicated bet and collect facilities + TV viewing.

Of course, Te Rapa Racecourse Land-based Casino NZ offers its clients multiple amazing casino events with many highly rewarding packages, and in this article we covered only very few of these events and the packages waiting for you. In order to see the full details, you can always check out the website, and thus also purchase what you want online.

Facilities – Everything You Need Know

Coming over here is a pretty big deal on the one hand, but it is easy to manage in terms of facilities on the other. This is so since on the one hand you come here in order to experience a lot of wonderful experiences, take part in the most amazing events, and have a great time with those you love most. But on the other hand, it will take almost no effort from you to make sure everything is taken care of just the way you want.

Small and big rooms will be available for you and for those coming with you, with many additional facilities which will make this period of time 100% perfect, as you always wanted. Public facilities include a bar and cafeteria located in Flemington Lounge, a public lawn, public grandstand, and more. Several lounges are also offered to those who decide to stay around for a while. Check out the website to see the full list of lounges you can enjoy of.

Accommodation. Everything Is Taken Care Of

When it comes to accommodation, there is absolutely no doubt you have to check The Distinction Hamilton Hotel and Conference Centre, on Garnett Avenue. It offers its clients first class accommodation, and it is located pretty close to Te Rapa Racecourse, so you can even walk this distance very quickly if you want to.

How to Get Here

So you have already made up your mind, and you know you want to visit one of the best land based casinos and to stay for a while. If so, all that is left for you is to learn how to get there, and then to arrive as soon as you can. Te Rapa Racecourse is located on the north of the city, on SH1, Te Rapa Road, Hamilton.

If you are coming on a race day, it is good to keep in mind that the easiest way for you would probably be off Te Rapa Road into Sir Tristran Avenue. If this is not a race ay, the access will only be available via Ken Browne Drive at the southern entrance.

Dress Code

Yes, like any other place that respects itself, there is a special dress code over here. The dress code helps people feel they are in a completely different place, enjoying something special and unique they cannot enjoy every day. So, what should you keep in mind regarding your outfit when you are here?

When races are taking place, patrons are welcome to show all styles they like, as long as they maintain reasonable standard of dress. Regarding the hospitality areas, a tidy state of dress, with no shorts, jandals or collarless shirts will be accepted.

During prominent meetings in the calendar, men will be asked to wear suits, and women will be required to use dresses and head-wear.

Wait no more! Find the events you like most, save the dates, and come to Te Rapa Racecourse Land-based Casino NZ!

You'll be happy you did!