Max Quest Wrath of Ra Mobile Pokies

Every so often, mobile pokies come along and remind us that, just when we were starting to think we had seen it all, we have not; not by a long shot. Max Quest Wrath of Ra is one of those games.

It has 5 reels and 3 paylines, but if you are expecting the traditional format, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. If you are hoping for pokies action unlike anything you have experienced, Betsoft is going to make your day – or, possibly, your year. It offers you a multi-player experience, in which you can join 5 other players in a battle against strange creatures, magical mummies, and vengeful ancient Egyptian gods.

To start playing Max Quest Wrath of Ra pokies, you will need to input an avatar name and picture, choose a room, and then choose your ammunition. The cost of bullets ranges between 0.01 and 0.25. You also can choose the weapon your avatar will use. Every shot fired is the same as placing a bet and spinning the reels. If you kill your foes, you can win payouts or trigger special features. This release, which has a 96% RTP, is a game-changer for fans of mobile pokies in New Zealand.

Symbols Come to Life

If it featured reel symbols as most Kiwi players know them, Max Quest Wrath of Ra would have been a very different game. However, rather than being just one more of the already-abundant ancient Egyptian-themed pokies, its symbols appear to have lives of their own.

They include enemy forces such as Shadow Scarabs, Scarab Hatchlings, Wrapped Minions, Wrapped Spirit Guards, Wrapped Shadow Guards, Golden Tomb Scrabblers, Tahawy Warriors, Ruby Crypt Watchers, Risen Fire Enemies, and Crimson and Emerald Bataantas. You even could encounter the mighty gods Anubis, Osiris, and Ra himself.

Thrilling Special Features

Given gameplay so different to regular mobile pokies, it is not surprising that Max Quest Wrath of Ra does not come with regular special features. Instead, you can make various choices that could make a significant difference to how the action unfolds.

You can buy Special Weapons crates containing plasma rifles, lasers, machine guns, grenades, and shotguns. The death of each enemy awards you a payout. Some may rise from the dead to become Risen Fire Enemies, which take considerably more effort to kill (again). If you are successful, however, they offer bigger, better prizes. While you play mobile pokies in New Zealand, your avatar may encounter chests, which you will need to break open, so you can get your hands on various prizes.

The Big Finale

Each round culminates in a heart-racing, action-packed battle with one of the 3 powerful gods and a hoard of their wicked servants. The fight is never easy, but every little bit of damage you inflict on the divine beings increases the big payout you can win at the end. Victory over the gods will see all the cash prizes and XP points accumulated during the game shared among the mobile pokies players in the room. Highly recommended, this is a game you do not want to miss.