Crown Resorts Cleared Of Pokies Tampering

Deanna Hammes - 17-07-2018

Crown Resorts Cleared Of Pokies TamperingThe Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation last week reported that Australia’s Crown Resorts Limited had not, as was previously suspected, tampered with the workings of its pokies machines in order to rig outcomes on the various games.

The regulator in charge investigated the allegations and after having taken the allegations under review, made the call that there was no merit to the information, and therefore, no cause for concern. This has attracted major criticism from MP Andrew Wilkie, who claims that the regulator had not performed its duties from an objective point of view.

The main driving force behind Wilkie’s disdain with the situation, is the fact that the information provided regarding the tampering with the machines, was provided by two whistle-blowers who were in possession of intimate inside information. What’s more, the allegations were dismissed by the regulator on the strength of mere technicalities.

Regulator Has Failed

Wilkie now claims that the gaming regulator is nothing short of a sell-out. In a letter addressed by Wilkie to the regulator’s Ross Kennedy, the MP fired off a series of allegations, saying that it was a perfectly acceptable process that the police and regulators would often receive anonymous tip-offs from whistle-blowers, after which the expectation was that these allegations would be properly investigated.

According to Willkie, this has not happened this time around, and the MP believed that the Australian public had the right to know what had happened and how, according to Wilkie, the regulator had been what he referred to as a sell out.

Not A First Offense

Crown Resorts Limited employs around 15,000 employees all over the world, and generates revenue in the billions every year. To make matters worse and even more suspect is the fact that this is not the first time that allegations of this nature have been made against Crown Resorts. The company was found guilty of having rigged its pokies in April, when they were fined $300,000 for the reported misconduct.

Crown Resorts Limited is the world’s biggest listed casino entity and as such, a certain measure of integrity is expected when it comes to company culture. The allegations surrounding the rigging of the machines, involve the reported removal of built-in controls designed to regulate gambling rates, from the pokies. The controls have been added on to the machines by the manufacturers, and are certainly not meant to be removed.