Pragmatic Play Unveils New Classic Egyptian Pokie

Deanna Hammes - 30-10-2018

Classic Egyptian PokieEver feel like Halloween has been done to death and that the 31st of October has become nothing more than an over-inflated commercial stint offering more tricks than treats? Then take heart!

Thanks to the team at Pragmatic Play, something much more exciting than the ghosts of holidays past this way comes.  The online games developer has announced that its newest pokie is ready to roll off of the production line on the 31st of October, and it has nothing to do with the tired theme of All Hallows Eve. In fact, the premise is one that has proved evergreen amongst players the world over, and thanks to the new release by Pragmatic Play, Ancient Egypt has never been more jam-packed with royal mystery or ancient appeal.

Entitled Ancient Egypt Classic, the name of the game already suggests that this release will find its home with lovers of classic Egyptian-themed pokies where the themes are true and the rewards are big.

Management Pleased With New Pokie

You know you’re in for the win when the developers appear to be more excited about a game than the actual players. Almost like giving a gift at Christmas and waiting in sleepless anticipation for the receiver to wake up on Christmas morning so that they can finally tear away at the wrapping with child-like excitement.

Commenting on Classic Ancient Egypt, Pragmatic Play’s Chief Commercial Officer, Melissa Summerfield, said that it was an absolute delight for the team to announce the release of its newest creation. Summerfield said that the new game was without a doubt one of the highlights of the year and that its bound to be big hit amongst players. Summerfield seemed especially excited about the special bonus feature as well as the attention to detail that is obvious throughout the game.

Next Stop: Italy

Apart from developing exciting new pokies games, Pragmatic Play has been focused on setting down foot on new soil all over the world. One of the exciting new developments is the recently announced partnership with Italy’s Microgame SpA, one of the country’s top online platform providers.

Pragmatic Play’s entire portfolio of games will be made available to the provider, who will in turn ensure that the games are distributed to online casinos all over the country.