Play’n GO Launches New Golden Colts Pokie

Deanna Hammes - 01-03-2019

Golden Colts PokiePlayers are now able to get their horror groove on in a very Western-themed setting. And if this sounds completely out of place, then it’s because we’ve not yet told you that Play’n GO this week launched a brand new pokie by the name of Golden Colts.

If anything, Golden Colts is a cowboy theme with a magnificent twist. The main protagonist is a Sheriff, and if you’re wondering why this is anything out of the ordinary, we’ll be confident in our assurance that this particular Sheriff-in-a-Western is a very unique character indeed.

Because you see, Golden Colt’s Sheriff is a member of the undead.

Zombie With A Good Heart

Before anyone runs away screaming, lets continue with the actual storyline. Our good Sheriff, despite now treading very different footprints than before, being in Zombie-mode, is absolutely committed towards the protection of his county and its people.

The Ace-High gang is public enemy number 1, and our man is out to get his own back. Firing the golden colts offers the perfect means to protection, and the game’s 7 bonus rounds (yes, 7!) is the perfect playing field for slaying the Ace-High gang and restoring the well-balanced order in the community.

The bonus features are just about as unpredictable as a zombie-like gun-swinging sheriff and this adds a lot of excitement to the title. They are triggered completely at random all throughout the game.

Quality Content Is Key

According to company-CEO Johan Torqvist, ensuring that Play’n GO-developed content remains of the highest quality, is a priority, and especially so going into a new year. Torqvist said that this was the essence that was borne in mind during the development of Golden Colts.

Golden Colts is the latest addition to Play’n GO’s award-winning portfolio of pokies, and follows short on the heels of the developer’s new Queen’s Day Tilt. Queen’s Day Tilt is a quirky royal adventure that is based on the age-old tales of wars and riches. Her Royal Highness the Queen is very much the highlight of her submissive kingdom, and her underlings adhere to her every beck and call. It’s a relatively simple game, but very enjoyable indeed.

Hats off to Play’n GO for yet another superb storyline!