Realistic To Relaunch Upside Down Pokie

Deanna Hammes - 02-04-2019

Super graphics upside downJapanese game shows are making a comeback into many areas of popular culture. Thanks to the creative team at Realistic Games, they are also making their way into the world of online video pokies. The creative team at Realistic Games has just announced that it plans to relaunch its Super Graphics Upside Down pokie, and we daresay, judging by the popularity of the initial release, it’s bound to be real hoot.

Fans of Japanese culture will find that this title will really resonate all the way home. It was in 2011 that the initial pokie made its first appearance. Back then, almost none of the in-game technology and mechanics available to us at presence existed. The new release offers a new opportunity to blow a modern breath of life into an existing idea.

A Third Release

In 2015, a second release was launched, and this time round it was called Super Graphics Lucky. The first game presented players with 5 reels, whereas the 2015 version was published with 3. It was obvious that Realistic knew that it was onto something good, but did not quite know how to channel all of that greatness into a highly entertaining pokie that would appeal to almost anyone.

But, the goal was clear, and the latest launch is expected to be third time’s a charm. With the iGaming market being the competitive beast that it has become, it’s important for developers to listen to players and what they need and want to play, and Realistic is very obviously onto something fantastic this time round.

Beating The Competition

The latest release is the initial release with a face-lift. The developer has focused on bringing the best possible player experience home to its many fans. And if any one developer has shown itself to be able to do just that, then it’s Realistic. The company of developers has been involved in the industry for quite some time, and it really does show when comparing its products, content and services to that of some other mainstream companies that are involved with writing software for online pokies.

We’re excited to play the new version of Upside Down, as well as looking into the future to see what Realistic Games will come up with next.