Quickspin’s Tiger’s Glory Pokie Unveiled

Deanna Hammes - 12-11-2018

Tiger’s Glory PokieEvery once in a while, when a new pokies game is released, one is left with a distinct feeling of déjà. Quickspin’s new Tiger’s Glory, scheduled for official release on November 13th, is one of those games. The official trailer reeks of Raging Rhino, with a bit of Vikings Go Wild as a healthy side dish.

Of course, emulating previously successful release is a perfectly acceptable practice in the business, and one that is often employed, yielding varying degrees of success. The general rule seems to be: the less noticeable the similarities, the better. We will have to wait and see just how prominent the similarities will be once Tiger’s Glory is officially off the launch pad.

A Familiar Look and Feel

Classic Ancient Rome is the setting for Quickspin’s new pokie. That having been said, the colours dominating the game leave much to be desired. Toned-down is the description that comes to mind, with the scheme ranging from Beige to Orange-Brown, and then back to Beige again. Admittedly, this is after all a pokie set on the dusty plains of Rome, but even the symbols are all very similar.

The higher-paying symbols are the gladiator symbols and these are all just gladiators appearing in different poses, clutching weapons. It’s not that the game doesn’t grab the fancy at all, it’s just that there is a great deal of colour-matching and Beige-blending going on. And then of course, there’s the distinct feeling that Tiger’s Glory is just a cheap reproduction of Raging Rhino.

That having been said, this is all based on our experience of the trailer. Once the actual pokie is released, we may very well be pleasantly surprised and forced to change our entire tune.

It's All About Winning

The fact that the game is geared to pay out up to 13,830 x the player’s bet does mitigate the toned-down colour-scheme ever so slightly. This is, after all, why we love to play pokies. The feeling of witnessing the ultimate match-up of symbols fall into place on the screen is a rush of blood to the head that isn’t easily beat.

Tiger’s Glory is a high-volatility title that can be enjoyed on desktop or mobile. Winning big is the ultimate score for any player, despite the resemblances that it may or may not share with existing titles.