Break da Bank Again Pokies

Bank heists have been a fact of life for hundreds of years, ever since the first banks were created in Italy during the period of the Renaissance. The fun-loving characters in the Break da Bank Again pokies take bank robbery to a new level with scatters, wilds, free spins and casino bonus payouts.


Early forms of lending money can be traced back to Assyria and Babylon where grain-growers were dependent on merchants who made loans to the farmers so that they could grow their crop. The merchants then bought the crop, minus the original investment, and traveled from city to city to sell the produce. By the time of the Greeks and Romans the lenders had moved to temples where they conducted their business. In addition to lending funds they also changed money and accepted deposits which they used for further lending activities. This allowed them to pay interest on the deposited funds and create, for all intensive purposes, the first banking systems. These types of banking services were also taking place in India and China.

By the medieval era a banking system was established in Italy and flourished through the Renaissance in Venice, Genoa and Florence. Influential families dominated the banks of the day and some, including the Banca Monte Del Paschi di Siena, continues to operate today.

Bank Security

Bank security has always been a worry for the owners and operators of these financial institutions. Bank robbers break into banks in many ways, both frontally and through drilling operations and other types of subterfuge. Bank security continues to be a concern as evidenced by recent NZ bank robberies in Petone, Te Awamutu, Wellington and Papatoetoe.

Play Break Da Bank Again

As you play Break da Bank Again pokies NZ you'll enter a world of fun-filled entertainment with real money payouts on the wins. This game brings the challenges of achieving winning combinations on enabled paylines to the screens of all gaming devices including to desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet screens. There are spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and megaspins in this game. The highlight of Break Da Bank online pokies NZ involves the multi-game feature which allows you to play multiple games at once so you can realize multiple wins simultaneously.

Break da Bank again is a 9-payline game with a 10 coin per payline max, so you can bet 90 coin per spin. You don't have to bet the maximum bet per payline but casino advisors note that it's a good idea to make some kind of deposit on all of the paylines since, if you complete a combination on a payline that hasn't been activated with a bet, you won't achieve a payout.

Once you've activated your paylines you'll start spinning the reels to line up machine symbols on the paylines. Three matching symbols must occurr at once in order for you to complete your combination and achieve a payout. Game symbols include piles of banknotes, jewelry, bars of gold, stacks of gold coins, an open check and other traditional pokies letter and number symbols. Your payouts will be determined by the number of coins that you wagered on the payline on which the combination occurred. The more you wager, the more you win!

The Break da Bank Again Logo is the game Wild symbol. If two regular game symbols, plus the Logo, occur concurrently on an activated payline, you'll win the line and have your bet multiplied by 5x. So, for instance, if two jewelry symbols emerge together with a Logo, the Logo substitutes for the third jewelry symbol and completes the combination.

The Safe symbol is the Break da Bank Scatter. Whenever two or more safe symbols appear on any payline on the reels (not necessarily on the same payline and not necessarily on an activated payline) a scatter combination win will be achieved that pays out a scatter combination payout. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter combination payout value of the game by the number of coins that were bet on the spin that realized the scatter win.

When three or more safes emerge, the free spins pokies bonus NZ game activates. When the free spins game begins the machine will stop the regular game as you enter the Free Spins round.

Free Spins

When the free spins round begins you'll be awarded free spins, with the number of free spins that you receive determined by the number of scatter symbols that appeared on the regular game spin that activated the free spins game. In the Free Spins round you spin the reels for free and collect the payouts on those spins as cash rewards. The maximum number of free spins that you can achieve in this game is 25.

Click to start spinning. The combinations form, awarding winning prizes. Free Spins wins are multiplied 5x. The bets and paylines during the free spins round remain the same as the bets and paylines of the spin that triggered the free spins game.

If three or more Safe symbols emerge on a free spin, the free spins game reactivates and you will be awarded a new round of free spins. You add the new free spins to your remaining free spins for a new free spins total.

Gamble Feature

Break da Bank Again features the Gamble Feature in which you are presented with a concealed card. A correct guess for the card colour (red or black) doubles your win while a correct guess for the card suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spade) quadruples your win.

The Gamble Feature is an optional feature which is offered following any regular game win. When you achieve a win during the base game you'll be given the option to Gamble. You can press the Gamble button to gamble or pass up the feature and continue playing your regular game. The game offers you the chance to gamble up to 5 times.

There are megaspins, free spins, wilds, scatters and big win in the entertaining.