Emoji Planet Online Slots

Love them or hate them, emojis have become part and parcel of modern daily communication. What began as simple pictographs created using punctuation now includes more than 1000 different icons, some of which could pay out big winnings when you play Emoji Planet online slots.

Powered by NetEnt, the slot is rich in graphics and animations, and there is plenty to keep your eyes busy. Being a product of one of the most respected casino game providers, however, means there is much more to the 2017 title than an attractive design. For starters, it is played on a 5x6 grid, and offers Cluster Pays to players in New Zealand. This means 5 or more matching symbols form winning clusters vertically and horizontally. Like other video online casino slots powered by NetEnt, it also has special features such as cascading reels, Wilds, multipliers, and more.

Instantly-Recognisable Symbols

Unless you have been living in a cave, cut off from the rest of the world, until 5 minutes ago, you probably will find the symbols used in Emoji Planet slots instantly-recognisable. If you have not used any of the featured emojis yourself, there is a good chance you have received messages in which they have been used.

The higher-value symbols include the alien face, the tears of joy face, and the image that officially is chocolate ice-cream, but is used internationally to mean a happy pile of poo. The lower-value symbols include a rocket, pizza, lips, bombs, and hearts. Wild stars also appear in the game.

Lucrative Special Features

If you like to trigger powerful special features when you play online slots in New Zealand, Emoji Planet should not disappoint you. In fact, one of the features requires nothing special, other than landing a winning cluster.

If you manage to see 5 or more symbols form a win, the Cascading Reels feature will trigger, and those symbols will be replaced with new ones, which could create another win.

Every winning cluster created by lower-value slots symbols also can help you power-up. You will collect an emoji for every cluster, which will be reflected in a meter next to the grid. You need to collect at least 12 like symbols to power-up with its unique ability.

  • Rocket: a stack of 10 Wilds will be added to the grid
  • Bomb: 8 random symbols will explode to reveal payouts
  • Lips: 3 Sticky Wilds will appear on the grid, and will remain in place for 3 spins, during which they can substitute for other symbols and help create paying clusters.
  • Heart: Your total winnings will be multiplied by the number of times the heart meter has been filled, plus 1. For example, if you filled it twice already, the multiplier will be 3x.
  • Pizza: a 3x3 cluster of a symbol chosen at random will be added to the grid to create a paying cluster.

Slots With a Difference

Fans of online slots in New Zealand should find Emoji Planet refreshingly different. An entertaining celebration of popular culture, this slot boasts exciting special features and rewarding gameplay. It is highly recommended and sure to put a smile on your face