Game of Thrones Online Pokies

The gripping tale of the Game of Thrones has now reached the online casino where players spin the reels and create completed paylines while they participate in a gripping tale of love, suspense, betrayal and victory. Game of Thrones is an interactive online slot that is designed to keep players on their toes. In addition to the traditional goal of matching symbols to create payouts, this game adds more fun and more entertainment with the 243 Ways to Win feature, a gamble feature, free spins, a paytable achievements feature and more.

You can play Game of Thrones at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device. Just log into your existing casino account and click on the Games Lobby. Select Games of Thrones and make your deposit to play for real money prizes. The game is available at the download casino via casino software and at the Flash Casino where you can play on any Internet browser. If you're playing online casino slots on mobile you can play on your mobile browser or, for a more efficient and more satisfying casino experience you can download the casino app into your tablet or smartphone. The download takes a few minutes and after your app has been installed you'll be able to access the casino with a quick swipe of your finger on the mobile screen.

Regardless of your device you'll experience high quality online casino slots entertainment with intriguing graphic images, a haunting soundtrack and a storyline that's sure to keep you engaged.

Game of Thrones

The five-reel, 300 coin and 243 Ways to Win Game of Thrones online slots game is based on the captivating Game of Thrones TV show which has taken the world by storm. The science-fiction themed production focuses on the fictional continents of Essos and Westeros. Kings, queens, knights, renegades, liars and noblemen play a deadly game for control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as they battle for the honor of sitting atop the Iron Throne. Throughout the civil war the protagonists face the rising threat posed by the peoples and creatures of the North.

Throughout the game you'll be faced with decisions. Which House do you support? Which characters are good? Who is your hero? The action, imagery and atmosphere will keep you rooted when you play this online slot in New Zealand.

243 Ways to Win

Game of Thrones is a 243 Ways to Win online casino slots game in which all of the pay ways are permanently enabled for every spin. There' s no need to enable specific pay ways in this game so you won't miss out on any wins – any three matching symbols, in which the first symbol appears on the left-most reel, indicates a win and a payout. All of your deposits are automatically multiplied by a 30 bet multiplier, meaning that your payouts are multiplied 30x. If you bet 1 coin, the machine regards it as though you are betting 1 coin x 30 which will earn you 30 coins on every winning spin.


The symbols in this online slots game include coloured coins displaying the crests of the battling Houses along with mythical figures and traditional slots letters and numbers. The Game of Thrones Logo is the Wild Symbol which substitutes for other symbols to create completed pay ways. The Wild can create pay ways of Wild symbols when three matching Wilds appear on a pay way.

The Scatter symbol is the Iron Throne image. This image completes random bonus amount whenever two or more Iron Thrones appear scattered on the reels in any combination. The scatters aren't required to emerge on the same pay way in order to trigger a scatter combination wins. The random bonus win amount is multiplied by your total bet amount so you'll see the total win amount displayed. If three scatters appear, in any pattern on a spin they trigger a scatter win which is calculated by multiplying the scatter combination payout by the number of coins that you deposited. Three scatters also activate the Free Spins Bonus Game.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus game is triggered when three or more Iron Throne scatter symbols emerge simultaneously during a regular game spin. You have four options which correspond to the Four Houses of Westeros. You are invited to choose one House of Westeros – the House that you select determines the number of Free Spins that you receive along with a multiplier value and a stacked symbol. The multiplier value can go as high as 5x.

During the Free spins the symbol for the House of Westeros that you choose is stacked, meaning that the symbols stack, one on top of another, to give you additional winning opportunities. The free spins bets and pay ways are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus game. If three scatter symbols emerge on the slots pay ways, in any position, during the free spins, the Free Spins are reactivated. The new free spins are added on to your remaining free spins from your last round.


Any regular game win activates the slot’s bonus Gamble feature. When the Gamble feature is activated you can choose to gamble or you can skip it and continue to play your regular game. You have five Gamble options so you can play one, two, three, four or all five of your gambles. Or none at all.

There are four stages to the Gamble Game. You will be presented with a coin which is flipped. If you correctly guess the result of the flip, your existing winnings are doubled and you move to the next stage. If you lose, the gamble ends and you return to your regular game.

Game Features

There are some special game features in the Game of Thrones online slot that enhance the gaming experience.

  • A Paytable Achievements feature operates during the Game of Thrones slot in which all payout figures show the number of coins that are won on each combination. The total number of coins paid out depends on the number of coins you play.
  • Regular wins are calculated by multiplying the number of coins bet by the number of coins won. On each spin, your bet amount is multiplied by the bet multiplier
  • Your selected coin size, multiplied by the number of coins won determines the number of credits that you win.

The Game of Thrones online slot will engage you in the thrilling storyline while it provides you with multiple opportunities to earn big payouts.