Jurassic Park Online Pokies

Microgaming invites you to enjoy one of the most favoured online pokies games for NZ players – Jurassic Park Online Pokies! Inspired by the stunning Hollywood calt directed by Spielberg, Microgaming decided to create for you an incredible game with multiple benefits and rewards, more free spins modes than you even knew that exist in a single slots game, exciting Scatter benefits which will make your whole game much more rewarding, special modes in which you can benefit a lot while playing, and, of course, special and fun gambling methods! Simply by starting to play this game, you are capable of winning $95,000 with great ease, and to enjoy wonderful prizes that are constantly granted at this 5 reels game! When there are 243 different ways to win, the only question remaining unanswered is – how quickly will you start playing? Surely, the sooner the better!

Wild at the Jungle, Wild In the Game!

There is absolutely no doubt this game is wilder than any other game you have played lately. One of the most prominent ways the creators of the game decided to let gamers know this mobile pokies made for NZ is like no other, is by adding the Wild feature.

This feature is very special since it is capable of replacing any other symbol on the reels. By doing so, Wild helps creating multiple unique and highly rewarding winning combinations. When two symbols of the same kind appear next to one another on the reels, the only thing that is required in order to create a three of a kind would be a Wild symbol next to one of the “two of a kind”. The player will be benefited right away with the three of a kind payout, and thus let you enjoy a nice win – spin.

Wild can also create four and five of a kind on the reels, and it is capable of doing so in multiple different ways; some of them would be appearing to the right or left of the “some of a kind”, as well as appearing right in the middle (such as appearing on reel #3 when the two other identical symbols appear on reels #2 and #4).

An additional advantage that Wild has, is the ability to reward the gamers with up to 400 credits in one spin. This can happen when a few Wild symbols appear on the reels next to one another.

The only symbol that cannot be replaced by the Wild is the Scatter symbol, which is also known for being a game – changing symbol.

Scatter – the Irreplaceable Game Changing Symbol

Scatter is easy to recognize. The little firefly which appears in a light-brown stamp, is the symbol that is capable of changing your whole game within seconds.

First of all, when two, three, four or five such symbols appear next to one another on the reels, the player can enjoy 15, 30, 300 and even 1500 (!!) credits respectively. The credits will be added to the payline right away. However, the true reward players will be able to enjoy once three or more Scatter symbols appear on their reels is starting the free spins mode, or modes, at this exciting game.

Choose Your Free Spins Mode

Playing online pokies games has never been such a rewarding experience! While other games let the players enjoy a fun and exciting free spins mode, Jurassic Park Online Pokies gives the players the ability to choose exactly how many multipliers they want to be benefited with as they play, as well as which additional rewards will be included in the package. The different modes are:

Mode #1 – Velocirator

What's included? 12 free spins, split Wilds which means Wild symbol will split to two and create more and better winning combinations, and multiplier wilds, which can result in 6 of a kind win which will reward the gamer with a 2X payout than the 5 of a kind does! In addition to that, when playing the Velocirator mode, gamers can be sure they will enjoy the 4X, 5X and 6X multipliers as well as a Velocirator symbol stacked in the free spins.

Mode #2 – Tyrannosaurus Rex

What's included? 12 free spins with Wild reels. The Tyrannosaurus Rex symbol may appear during the mode and turn up to 5 reels wild. Here again, the Tyrannosaurus Rex symbol is stacked in free spins.

Mode #3 – Triceratops

What's included? 12 free spins, running Wilds which means that at each free spin the Wild stack will grow by a Wild per reel. In addition to that, on each non – winning spin the players will be benefited with a full stack of Wilds which will hold partially stacked Wilds nudge in order to form full stacks. At Triceratops mode all remaining reels can respin once. The Triceratops symbol is stacked in free spins!

Mode #4 – Brachiosaurus

What's included? 12 free spins with a mystery multiple! At this mode all wins will be multiplied by 2X, 3X, 4X 5X or 6X. The mystery multiple awards over a random number of spins and the best news is that the free spins can be re – triggered! The Brachiosaurus symbol is stacked in free spins!

Mode #5 – Dilphosaurus

What's included? 12 free spins with running wilds, Dilphosaurus symbols can turn random positions to Wild, and the Wild will remain held while contributing to any wins. The Dilphosaurus symbol is stacked in free spins!

Gambling Features

Multiple gambling features exist in this game, allowing the player to gain a greater sense of control over the events and to control his or her bets.

First and foremost, the players will be able to control the amount of coins they deposit at each spin with the + and – buttons.

Additionally, an Auto Play button is always available for the players, allowing them to enjoy a relaxed game in which the merely sit comfortably on the chair and watch the screen as the game is being played for them. The players will be able to choose one of he quick gaming options (10, 25, 50 or 100 spins which will be started right away), or to press the Custom button which will allow them to type in the exact number of spins they are interested in playing, and the method they want the reels to stop from spinning.

Is That It?

No, not at all! When playing Jurassic Park Online Pokies you will be exposed to multiple additional gaming features, bonuses and benefits! Try out and find out! Good luck!