Secret Santa Online Pokies

If you’re in the mood for the holiday season then Secret Santa Online Pokies should be just the thing you’re looking for and a wise choice to spend a bit of time trying out. Ok, New Zealand online pokies enthusiasts may not be interested in the snowy imagery that often permeates such holiday themed items, especially since Christmas time feels a little different over here.

However, all the rest of the traditional ornaments will be found in this game making Secret Santa online pokies a perfect addition to your holiday plans and worth the little annoyance that the cold weather somehow makes Christmas what it’s supposed to be. So whether this is a personal issue or not, New Zealand online pokies players will like the fact this is a five reel, 1024 ways to win game with a bunch online pokies bonus rounds and a 24,000 jackpot that Santa himself is happy to deliver to winners like you.

So there's no need to go far or exceed expectations about secret santas in your own life because right here before you Secret Santa online pokies will surpass and fill that void and all you have to do is jump right in. You can try it out as it’s one of the many free pokies NZ players have access to and when you're comfortable the real money version is waiting in the wind to be spun and won.

Road to Bonus Rounds

It’s amazing what a little music can do and the Secret Santa soundtrack is the perfect touch to the visually pleasing interface of this pokies experience. In some ways it may get you thinking how much you’d wish for the holidays to be more than once a year.

In the meantime, as you’re trying out this game you’ll find the Secret Santa logo acts as the wild symbol bridging the gaps between most symbols on the reels except for the scatter. Getting wilds can really enhance your chances and they are nicely placed doorways towards expanding your earnings.

Then there’s the scatter symbols, which in this game is represented by the Christmas cracker and when three or more appear on the reels at a time in any position it triggers a payout. Just think, depending on the size of your bet, if you hit five scatters in one shot it could be a huge day of earnings so choose wisely because every move you make will affect the outcome down the road.

Bonus Round

You’ll find there’s some nicely presented graphics in this game such as the hearts, spades, traditional holiday food, gifts, and more. They make the wait for the Secret Santa online pokies bonus round all the more exciting because there’s nothing you can do but wait for it to occur. Why? Because the Secret Santa bonus round is triggered randomly without any warning meaning you don’t have to score any matches on the reels. What will happen if it appears?

You’ll see a large present on the screen which rips open to show you one of seven possible gifts just for you. There’s either the wild reels, wild boost, free spins, rolling reels, dashing wilds, scatter spree or mystery multiplier. Each has a unique purpose and will move you forward in it’s own special way and each will be the perfect surprise you’ve been waiting for.

After all, who doesn’t like to be surprised and given things that really didn’t take much work to achieve. Playing this game anytime during the year is a must but when the season is in session and the energy is right where it's supposed to be don’t miss an opportunity to bring home the big winnings and surprise all your friends and family at your amazing standing.