Why Visa a Trusted Online Casino Payment Method

Playing pokies online can be fun and extremely rewarding. However, if you are going to be playing for real money, this means making regular deposits into your account. While there are plenty of web-based banking services available, Visa is still rated as one of the most trustworthy and reliable online casino payment methods. For players who own a credit or debit card, making a deposit or a withdrawal is fast, secure and incredibly easy.

A Beneficial Banking Option

There are a number of reasons why using Visa is better than using a web-wallet service or Internet banking. With web-wallets, you first need to sign up with a third-party system and transfer funds before you can actually make your deposit.

With Internet banking, the funds can take time to appear in your account and not every site accepts these forms of payment. In comparison, credit cards are widely accepted and do not require any fund transfers. Deposits are processed instantly at local and international sites.

In the past, credit cards were often viewed as an unsafe online casino payment method. Advances in card security and authorisation technology have meant that all card-based transactions are now safer than ever.

As well as being chipped and pinned, card accounts use Verified by Visa to ensure that no unauthorised transactions can be made. When paying online, the system will require one-time password or authorisation code before the transaction can be completed. Even if fraudsters get hold of your card details, no transactions can be made, and this alone makes them a contender for the best online casino payment method NZ has to offer.

Making a Deposit

Making a deposit with your Visa card is quick and easy. Simply head to the cashier section of the casino. Here you will find an option to select credit cards. Find the logo and click on the highlighted option. From there, you can fill in your card details, the amount you want to deposit and then authorise the transaction. The funds will appear in your account straight away, giving you the freedom to play real money pokies or other games whenever you like.

Cashing Out

All top-rated NZ sites also give you the option of making a withdrawal using this online casino payment method. When you are ready to cashout, head back to the cashier section, click on withdrawals, select your card and fill in the amount you want to withdraw. Confirm the transaction and the funds will be moved into your card after the required processing period. The simplicity and practicality of this banking method makes it incredibly valuable for all regular players.

Earn Rewards for Having Fun

Another reason why credit cards are rated as the best online casino payment method NZ has to offer is because you can earn rewards for using this service. Depending on your bank and reward system, every time you use your card in-store or on the Internet, you earn reward points.

The type of rewards varies from bank to bank, but in most cases, you can earn points towards fuel vouchers, entertainment vouchers, meal vouchers or simply cash back on your card. By playing more often, you earn more rewards, which is something no other banking method will provide.

Keep Tabs on Your Spending

Your Visa credit card can also be used to control your spending or increase your bankroll. Since credit cards have a credit facility, you have the funds available when you need it. At the end of every month, you can check your account statement to see how many deposits you have made at each casino and where you should curb your spending.

Outside of the sphere of online gambling, you can use the same card for daily purchases, vacation funds or for purchases anywhere the Visa logo is displayed, making this option even more of a favourite with us at PokiesNZ.co.nz!