Strike It Rich With Progressive Slots

Progressive slots, or pokies, are perfect for when you want to add an extra shot of adrenaline to your gaming. You get the same high-quality entertainment as always, but with an added layer of thrills, as you could land a life-changing win at any moment. Find out more about casino progressive slots here, and then try your luck at some of the sites we recommend.

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

These jackpots are cumulative rewards, and they keep growing until they are won. Games are connected in a network, with a portion of every single bet going into the central pot. In land-based establishments, you might see a few machines or an entire floor linked together. Grouping the pokies in a few different locations is even possible. The payouts here are impressive, but they can't really compare to the online casino progressive slots in New Zealand.

Since so many more players are participating online, especially at the sites we list for you, the jackpots grow far larger, and much faster, than is possible on land. Often, they reach six or seven figures, so describing the payouts as life changing is not an exaggeration!

Microgaming are famous for their enormous jackpots and have even set both the online and mobile records for the largest wins, while NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Betsoft and many other respected developers have also released progressive slots that have paid out big.

Theoretically this reward structure can apply to any game, and they are attached to Video Poker, Blackjack and other games occasionally. However, at any casino progressive slots are by far the most common examples.

The current prize amounts are usually displayed at the top of the reels, so you can watch them growing as you spin. As soon as they are won, the pot is reset to its minimum amount – which is still impressive - and starts climbing again.

How To Trigger a Win

The jackpots can be activated at any time, which is what makes playing them so exciting. You can win the usual payouts too, but the potential for a jaw-dropping accumulative prize is always there. The prizes can be attached to classic or video pokies, and can be triggered completely at random or if the symbols line up on the reels in a particular way. In other games they're awarded arbitrarily or for specific events such as the Roulette ball hitting the same panel 5 times in a row, or a particular Blackjack or Poker hand coming up.

Video pokies are always more involved than their classic counterparts, and often their progressive rewards are not given right away. After they're activated, you may have to complete a side game or task before you get to claim your jackpot. This could be something as simple as choosing an item on the screen or spinning a wheel to reveal what payout you are actually going to get. You might also be required to solve a puzzle or perform some other activity.

Progressive Slots Tips

In the past, jackpots could only be triggered if players were betting the maximum amount on the pokies game in question. This is still true of some older releases, but increasingly it is not the case for newer titles. Millions have been won with stakes of just a few coins, and there's no reason it couldn't happen to you next.

Of course, since the prize pools in online casino progressive slots in New Zealand grow so massive, they are not activated and awarded as often as other payouts. The fact that you could win at any time is exciting though so you should always ensure that you meet the requirements and are eligible for a major win every time you hit spin!