Major Millions Mobile Pokies

The abundant variety of different casino games which are available to the player makes it hard for him to make sense of all his options, so the only things that’s left to do is try all the games out before deciding which one is the right casino game that will keep him interested. Out of all the casino games, pokies are the most popular choice among online and mobile NZ players, as it is much easier to take part in an adventure that includes mobile pokies games for New Zealand players than playing a more complex game which requires concentration and time.

Pokies games allow the player to have some fun while fitting a few quick spins into a packed schedule, thus granting the player a chance to keep playing wherever he is, at all times of day. Major Millions mobile pokies is a beloved game which takes the player back to a time when casino games weren’t complicated at all. The simple game awards the player with an opportunity to win an extremely lucrative jackpot that changes constantly, keeping the player on the edge of his seat as he watches the game unfold on the screen in front of him.

Although this games doesn’t have as many mobile pokies bonuses as all the latest games have, Major Millions has a certain charm which lures the player into it with ease and it makes him want to play for hours on end.

The Basics

Major Millions is a 5-reels mobile pokies game with 15 different paylines. In order for the player to get a winning combination, at least 3 similar symbols must appear adjacently from the left reel to the right. The lower-valued symbols in this game are represented by army-themed icons, including honour medals, secret documents, an ammunition chest and more. The higher-valued symbols are represented by a tank, a plane, a ship and the mighty captain. All these symbols award the player with comparatively modest prizes, but the extra symbols add some spice into the mix.

It also important for the player to be aware of the fact that the game is only available for paying casino members, as all the players are placing real-money bets that go into the jackpot, thus making it impossible for the casino to offer the players a chance to check this game out for free, like many other casino games allow.

The Extra Symbols

First of all, like many other casino games, Major Millions has a scatter symbol which boosts the players’ winnings every time it appears on the reels. This symbol doesn’t have to appear in any particular order for the player to benefit from it. Although the scatter symbol awards the players with a small additional prize, it is still nice to encounter this symbol on the reels.

Another important symbol, and perhaps the most important of all, is the wild, which is represented by the logo of the game itself. This symbols substitutes for all regular symbols in the players’ quest of getting a winning combination. In addition to increasing the players’ chances of getting a prize, all wins are tripled when a wild symbol is involved. But the wilds’ most valuable trait is its ability to award the player with the whole jackpot; if the player gets 5 wild symbols on the 15th payline, the amazing prize is his!

In Conclusion

Major Millions pokies is a classic game which provides the player with an authentic gambling experience as the main attraction in this game is winning the jackpot. Although the immediate awards are not as lucrative as one might hope for, the thrill of waiting for the big win is reason enough to give this game a shot.

All in all, a player who wants to take part in a thrilling adventure would definitely enjoy this exciting game, even though winning the big prize requires some effort on the players’ part. As they say, "no pain - no gain".